At the heart

Breakthrough Spirit is about humans, and allowing humans to be fully and wonderfully themselves. Connecting to and accompanying your desired transformations for growth, delight, and the value of being you in this world.

How this works

My way of being with people is through accompaniment. The main purpose in accompaniment is to connect and listen with presence, gentleness and care. Providing a powerful and essential space for exploration and growth.

Accompaniment is a process declares and creates space for a sense of agency for each individual person, and that “demands” presence (exudes) in order to create that space of connection and discovery in safety and meaning.

Breakthrough Spirit offers workshops and one-on-one work through a Non-Violent Communication and Resonant Language lens.

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Our Services

We work with individuals and groups in a holistic and inclusive way to ensure to meet each person right where they are in their journey. We work through a multitude of techniques and methods to ensure that what you are looking for, what you feel ready for, and what you would like to see happen in your journey is made a priority.

Empathic Accompaniment

Exploring Dialogue Together

Integral Development Coaching

Non Violent
Communication Workshops

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